The “Why Would I Ever?!” Greens Edition

Juicing greens definitely falls under the category of “why on earth would I EVUH do this?!”  Well, because green stuff is probably the most concentrated nutrition you’ll find and it’s a lot easier than you think.  And frankly, if you’re on the go and never eat anything green but do eat a ton of crap, you owe it to yourself to research ways to get something green into your nutritional repertoire.

There’s simply no easier way to get incredibly concentrated nutrition than by juicing it.  Green stuff is just crazy good for you as it’s loaded in chlorophyll and, if organic, loaded in trace minerals.  Why is green stuff important?  Here are a few reasons but personally, I want green stuff in order to detoxify and get magnesium.  Magnesium is, as Dr. Sircus calls it, the Lamp of Life.  Americans are chronically magnesium deficient and is linked to heart disease (and many others for that matter).

While I can take a chlorophyll or magnesium supplement, both of those have a tendency to be very hard on the stomach.  Magnesium is, after all, in things like milk of magnesia which is intended to get the system moving…very quickly.

What I can do very easily is green juice.  It upsets my stomach far less (when sipping…taken as a huge shot this might not work so well).  It’s fresh and full of live enzymes plus all the nutrients in it are bioavailable.  That means the body can use what’s there.  You know…because it came packaged that way in nature.

This is quite unlike a lot of artificially created multivitamins, some of which pass right through because they are in forms that the body can’t use.  We just don’t know so why take a chance?  Nutritionally speaking, real food is always the far superior answer.


The other cool thing about green juice is that it’s a natural detoxifier (check out points #2 and #4). Based on personal experimentation, this actually works really, really well.  Anecdotally, I’ve tried this in a number of situations.  For example, any trip that precludes regular hygiene such as a week of off-shore sailing or when I’m on a 5-hour bike ride in training for an ironman triathlon.   Chlorophyll (in these cases supplemented forms and not juice) was exceptionally effective in reducing that “stank factor”.  If it works in the extreme cases like these, it’s gonna work for the average American work-day.

Here’s our masticating juicer (which is actually a wheat grass juicer):


We also own a Breville which works great for non-leafy greens and vegetables like celery, and root vegetables.  The Breville is also my go-to when juicing fruit (the once a year that we eat fruit).  Which one will work for you?  Depends but based on my experience, centrifugal juicers don’t work well for greens and while the masticating or triturating juicers are more work, they extract more of what I’m looking for.

But what about all that fiber?  Well, we don’t throw anything away at Uli Nalu.  We recently ran across a recipe for crackers made with the vegetable pulp left over after juicing.  I was ridiculously skeptical but we tried it and it’s pretty stinking good! The recipe we used is pictured below courtesy of Prevention.comHere’s a “raw” version that uses a dehydrator.  I already extracted all the enzymes I wanted in the juice so was happy to bake mine.

We modified the recipe slightly by using one egg as additional binder and rolled as thin as possible to help make it crispy. In subsequent tries, we’ll add baking soda and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to see if we can’t get them even crispier.

Crazy healthy greens juice full of magnesium and detoxifying chlorophyll plus pretty decent crackers that are gluten free and zero-carb?  Sounds like a win/win to me.  Enjoy!






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